Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all your questions (hopefully)

Q. Are you a professional?

A. Yes, photography is my fulltime occupation.

Q. Do you shoot only cars?

A. Automotive is the main core, but I am open to other genre of photography too. I have experience in shooting products, events and people. Drop a message to discuss your needs!

Q. Where are you based?

A. I am from Paris, France. Being based there allows me to travel cheaply all around the world, so feel free to get in touch for a quote request wherever you are.

Q. Do you shoot for free?

A. Obvious answer is no, especially if you have a business and you want to make a commercial use of the pictures (yes, social media is commercial too).
However, if you have something interesting drop a message, there could be collaboration material for an editorial project.

Q. How do I contact you?

A. For business inquiries, use this form. If you have other questions you can get in touch via Instagram DM: I answer to every (polite) message received there.

Q. What is it?

A. A Shooting Day is the affordable way to get a set of professional-grade pictures of you car.

Q. How does it work?

A. You pick a day, book a slot, show up with your car, and a few days later you get the pictures. As easy as that. 

Q. What do I get?

A. With the basic package you get 10 post-produced pictures of your car. You can upgrade to more pictures, prints and other stuff.

Q. What can I do with the pictures?

A. You can do pretty much what you want, the only caveats being credits when shared on social media, and no commercial use, except if you want to use them for listing the car as a private.

Q. What if the weather is bad?

A. If it is raining, it is up to you: you can either reschedule the shoot for free, or go on and get your set of bad-ass and dramatic looking pictures.

Q. Can I reschedule my slot?

A. It depends. You can reschedule it for free up to -7 (7 days before). From -6 to -1, rescheduling will cost you 50% of the package value. You can’t reschedule the same day of the shoot, sorry.  

Q. What if I’m late for my slot?

A. The time allocated is calibrated, so punctuality is essential: being late could cause a partial fulfillment  of your order, of which I take no responsibility.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. You will have the opportunity to see a preview of the pictures. If you don’t like them, you can get a 100% refund.

Q. What is it?

A. A Personal Shoot is when you hire me for your project. It is fully custom, you decide when, where and what you get.

Q. How does it work?

A. You fill the form with your needs, I get back to you with a quote to discuss. Once we agree on terms and conditions, we sign a contract and we are ready to go.

Q. What kind of pictures I get?

A. It is completely up to you. I can provide a storytelling style perfect for the social media, or prepare complete sets of documentary pictures for your sales. If you don’t know what suits best, I can help you to figure it out.

Q. But I need only a few pictures…

A. The minimum booking for a Personal Shoot is half-day. If you are a private and only need a few pictures, then you can book a Shooting Day slot.

Q. What if I need more than one Personal Shoot?

A. If your project needs recurrent photo-shoots (e.g. documenting the restoration process of a classic car), get in touch using the Business Inquiries module, we will find a more convenient way to go.

Q. What is an NFT?

A. NFT means “Non Fungible Token”. Long story short, it is a certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership of good, that usually is a digital file. 

Q. What can I do with a NFT?

A. Not so long ago NFTs were associated just with the ownership of digital art (the same model of ownership of phisical art, but using encryption technologies). Nowadays NFT are starting to being used to get access to private communities, or as crowdfunding tools.

Q. What NFTs do you offer?

A. Currently I have two collections.

  • “Make Details Great Again” is a collection of 999 digital poster about car details. If you have one of these NFTs you can claim a phisical fine-art print, and you have access to a private community of other collectors.
  • “Car Creative Clan” is a pure community of creative people (photographers, cgi artists, videomakers, etc). Each NFT represent the right to participate to selected discussions, and access to the workshops, courses, meet-up etc.

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